Glad you made it! 

I'm Renee. I'm a dessert junkie, wanna-be chef that balances her love of food with at home fitness workouts. I coach women who have similar struggles and are looking for a way to empower themselves to be their best everyday. I show them how to go from non-athlete to fit, while sprinkling in the sweeter parts of life!

I've been able to change my mindset about food, and have helped over 100 women do the same through accountability groups and coaching. I look to empower, engage, and encourage women to take control of their lives, never say that they can't do something, and allow them to find their best selves.

When I'm not helping change lives and create recipes, I'm an engineer who loves books, coffee, hiking mountains, travel, organization and wine. I live with my boyfriend in Denver, but I'm a true New Orleans girl by heart.

If you're ready to be your best self, please follow along here! I'm glad you've stopped by!