You CAN build a dream life!


Hey, I'm Renee!!

Born and raised in South Louisiana (but living in Denver now!) tells you a few things about me-- I loovvveee a good meal, entertaining others, and family is key in my life. I'm also a dessert junkie (cookies and frosting are literally my favorite things), balance that out with a love of fitness, and always have a running to-do list to be checking off. I'm an engineer who loves books, coffee, hiking mountains, travel, organization and wine.

A few years ago, I was working 60+ hour weeks at my corporate job, feeling alone, stressed, and having panic attacks trying to figure out how I was supposed to "do it all". I was barely functioning as a single, working 24 year old- what would life be like when I had a family to handle as well?

It was then that I decided to stop being complacent in what I wanted in life, and start going for it! I became an online fitness coach, which connected me with the best support group of women, and the opportunity to dream bigger! I wanted not just to help women with their fitness journeys, but help them find the time, energy, and motivation to pursue any side hustles, passion projects, or creative outlet they wished!! So, I started turning my wheels, and Honey & Hustle was born!


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If you....

  • Already have a side business but are struggling to commit like you want to
  • Want more out of your daily life, but literally don't know where you can find the time
  • Are looking for a way to work a side hustle, but are already so exhausted you don't know how to commit to it
  • You're a go getter, and everything you do you want to commit to 100%.
    • And that's keeping you from truly trying
  • You're bored with your job and just looking for a new way to mix up your life and add some fun

Then you're in the right place! Let's get you some answers!

If you're ready to be your best self, check out my FREEBIE here! I'm sharing with you my Daily Action Plan for finding out how to juggle all the things in your life without going crazy!