Healthy Choices for Every Craving

Healthy Choices for Every Craving

Let's face it-- we're all onboard with healthy eating when it's Sunday night and we're bloating from a weekend of splurges, and can't even think about eating another slice of pizza.

But then, as the week goes on, stresses begin, and temptations fly your way everyday at the office (I'm looking at you, box of donuts...), it gets harder and harder to remind yourself of your goals.

Have no fear! I've put together the perfect list of what to make when you've got major cravings that won't ruin the progress you've made this week!


  • If you're short on time, skip the delivery and go for this quick and simple tortilla pizza! Load it up with veggies and keep your meat lean! 
  • These quinoa bowls might not be exactly the same as a big slice of pizza, but they definitely fill that marinara and pepperoni sized hole in your stomach. Plus this is great to prep and bring for lunch as well! 
  • And if you've got enough forethought, of course give this cauliflower crust pizza a try! A little more intensive than the other two, but is a great substitute for the real thing. Just be careful when it comes to overloading this pizza, or just be ready to eat it with a knife and fork!


  • This recipe is my JAM. I'm completely obsessed with this super clean version of the typically fat, sodium, MSG heavy Asian noodles. Most of your time will be spent cutting all the veggies, but once that's done, this recipe comes together so fast. And you won't believe how tasty this sauce is. Literally can't say enough good things about this one!! Skip your local Thai restaurant and go straight home to whip up this bad boy. Plus, the leftovers are just as satisfying!! 
  • If you're like me, you just want that whole carton of fried rice as meal... but that's going to move you pretty far away from your goals. Check out this amazing cauliflower fried rice! Cauliflower is such a great base ingredient because it will absorb that sesame oil and soy sauce flavoring, meaning you're getting comfort food AND veggies. Can we just get some fortune cookies delivered?? 


  • Pretty much anytime I can, I'm making zucchini noodles. They taste almost exactly the same, but completely guilt free!! Super yummy and they come together faster than regular pasta, why HAVEN'T you made this switch?? 
  • If I'm not having zoodles as my pasta, it's because I'm having spaghetti squash noodles instead. A little thinner, these are just as tasty and one squash will give you a massive amount of noodles! Be excited for leftovers, especially if you're having a rough week. This pasta plus a glass of wine?? Set. 


  • One of my favorite types of homemade food is burgers! I always go for turkey burgers instead of beef, and love to fill the burger itself with lots of good seasonings for maximum flavor!! Clean it up with baked sweet potato fries, using a lettuce bun, or even just making the sandwich open faced.
  • I've already expressed my love for this sloppy joe recipe, but I'm going to repeat it. Seriously, these feel like comfort food at its finest, and serving it open faced on a piece of whole wheat bread is my favorite way to go! 


  • Sushi isn't the easiest meal to healthify, but this poke bowl gives that same feel without all the hassle! I love it paired with cauliflower rice!!


  • Go easy on the cheese and ramp up the veggies with these enchiladas!!
  • Can't forget the wonderful Chipotle burrito bowls, made at home! My favorite hack?? Greek yogurt in place of sour cream! 


  • And of course, no cravings list would ever be complete with some cookies!! I love these!! They're dense and flavorful and oh so yummy!!

There you have it! I hope this helps you when your next major craving comes in!! 

What do you crave the most?? How do you combat that? 




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