7 Ways to Beat your Funk

7 Ways to Beat your Funk

Ugh, some weeks are just rough. Anyone with me??

Typically, I'm a pretty positive person, especially after having started coaching. I'm one of those people who enjoys being busy, so I don't tend to complain (too much) about workloads, or having to get up early, or stay too down about something going on with my life.

But then there's also those days where it all just hits you. Everything. All the emotions come flooding in, and the negativity stays with you. That was me on Tuesday. I was in a funk. And I couldn't shake it. 

Then, by Wednesday morning, it had passed. How did I go about it? so fast? Here are 7 ways to get through your funk!

7 Ways to Beat that Funk

Stick to your routine

Yes, you feel bad. And yes, you want to eat literally everything in sight and just lay on the couch watching shows on Netflix you've seen too many times (if you're like me at least...). But try to avoid that! Stick to a normal dinner for yourself, and try to go through your tasks like normal. It'll be a lot harder to get through your gloomy stage if you end up running late the next morning because you didn't pack up your lunch, or pick out your clothes for the day.


Now this might be one of the hardest items on the list. Because when you're feeling bad, the last thing you want to do is work out. But guess what exercises gives you? Endorphins. And (say it with me) endorphins make you happy! Ergo, even though the workout might not be your best ever, get your body moving! Even if it's just for 15 minutes, play your favorite workout and get the blood pumping!


Here's a going to sleep or next morning ritual- take some time to meditate. Clear your brain, focus on your body and your breathing, and let the process calm you. I like to use the Headspace app in the morning to start my day off right!

Listen to fun music

Now is not the time for Adele (I know, I know, this seems crazy)! Put on some fun music as you go about your typical tasks, Nothing better than those catchy Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake songs to get you tapping your toes and shaking off the funk! 

Talk it out

Can't seem to find the root of this sour mood? Talk it out with someone. Your spouse or BFF. Someone with a good ear who will just let you vent and get there on your own. That's all we really want! Oh, and if this person can also help you laugh a little in the process, that's a huge plus!!

Read/Listen to something motivational

I listen to some sort of personal development every day, and I honestly think it helps keep me sane. If you're not doing that, look into it! I have Audible and listen to it on my way to work each day. Your mind needs to be exercised, and if you're only inputting negative information into it, it will never grow to be healthy!

Recent faves: Present over Perfect, Rejection Proof, The Miracle Morning, and You Are A Badass.

Get a good night's sleep

I'm not sure about you, but a lot of my unexplained emotions come from lack of sleep. So if you're already in a cranky mood, and feeling down, end the day early and get a good night's sleep! It can do wonders, and you'll thank yourself later for the mid-week catch up on zzz's.

What's your #1 way to turn your mood around quickly?

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