Sunday Spotlight #1

Rounding out the weekend with a few of my favorite things I've been reading, listening to, lusting after on Pinterest, or trying out and loving!! There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend!

 The perfect Kombucha flight.

The perfect Kombucha flight.




It's Palisade Peach season here in Colorado, and for the past two weeks, we've gotten a box (~20 lbs worth of peaches) for the two of us. I keep having grand plans to make something as beautiful and wonderful as this, this or even a drink like this, but we really have just been eating them plain because they're perfection!

Did you see these cookie beauties?? I'm totally with Ali, and I definitely want to try these! Here chocolate chip cookies are the current go-to in our house, so she knows what she's doing. 


I've been reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, and have been getting so into him that I had to check out his blog too! I love his comprehensive list of apps that he uses to maximize his life!

I shared this video with my current challengers in my group, and we all loved it! I think Marie is amazinggggg and this video about staying motivated through struggles is what so many of us need right now. 


Our current tupperware was getting so beat up and funky that I finally went and bought glass storage containers and can't wait to use them out when I meal prep today!! The sizes are perfect!! A few I'll use a lot more and then some we'll use for general storage, or Bryan will bring it into work for lunch.


We've been celebrating my birthday this weekend, and we've been hitting some great new places in honor of it!! If you're around Denver and looking for places, I have to recommend the sushi here, the breakfast here, an Instagram shot with your drink here, and a late night treat here if you're in Boulder!