2018 Goals

2018 Goals

Hi, hi, I'm here, I promise!!!


Clearly my blog has been put on the backburner through, well, most of 2017. BUT I feel determined and excited to actually try and commit to this blog!! I want to share my knowledge with you, encourage you, and have a place where people can come for a positive environment.

So, since this is January 1st, I'm obviously recommitting to Honey & Hustle with a list of 2018 goals!! I'll be checking back in with this throughout the year, and most likely, adding to them. I'm calling 2018 the "Year of exponential growth" and part of that is right here on this blog!

I'm one of those people who is constantly setting goals for myself. Every month, I'm forming goals for myself in my planner, and working on sticking to them. But even doing that, I'm still treating the new year like a reset. Check and ensure that I'm moving myself in the right direction.

So, here they are!

2018 GOALS!! (Also, any other Type A people happy that it's no longer a prime number? Just this math nerd? Okay)

  • Blog twice per week-- This is a goal I've been having for myself, but I'm more serious now than I've ever been!! Time management has always been the problem, and this year, I'm focusing on it more than ever. Therefore, I should have more time for Honey & Hustle. And with this goal, I hope to be able to improve and work on my photography!
  • Grow my coaching team to a 5 Star Diamond team-- Okay, so if you're not in Beachbody, this basically means nothing to you. But for me, this means that I am helping other women grow strong coaching businesses, and helping them find more financial freedom in their lives while helping people feel great!! It's a huge goal of mine to help more women, so I'm really looking forward to getting more in touch with that.
  • Complete a "No TV January"-- Bryan and I are committing to this together, and I'm actually really excited about it! We've done work weeks with no TV, but we're extending this to be through the weekends too! I'm excited to see what else we can accomplish when we don't take 42 minutes to eat dinner.
  • Read 4 books a month-- With no TV in my life, I'm expecting to be able to read a lot more through the month, and I want to get more committed to listening to audiobooks. So my count is 1 physical personal development book, 1 audio personal development book, 1 physical fun or book club book, and 1 audio fun or book club book.
  • Opt outside more-- Living in Colorado, there's so much to do outside, and often, we get too wrapped up in our own little bubble that we hardly make it to the mountains. I want to take more advantage of this!!
  • Date nights every other week-- Saying weekly is a little too much to expect from Bryan and I, we're typically pretty busy people! But, with getting outside and no TV, I want to spend more time, money and energy on fun experiences for us!! We might trade off planning them or something fun like that!
  • Travel More-- 2017 saw a LOT of trips back home for events, and while that's fun (and I plan on doing that too to be with my nephew and family), I'm also wanting to expand my travel to more places!! The PNW is somewhere I've never been, I want to be in Munich for Oktoberfest this year, and we already have a trip to Mexico for a wedding on the calendar. I've been getting Scott's Cheap Flights emails, which are amazing deals for international travel, and I want to take advantage of that at some point this year!
  • Fully commit to a workout and nutrition program-- There's this brand new abs and booty program that I'll be starting in January, and it will run until April. While the workouts seem intense, I'm more nervous about the nutrition that comes along with it. I haven't been too strict on myself when it comes to nutrition, and most of the time, I'm fine with that. But, I want to really give this program my all AND see what I'm truly capable of, so I'll be doing my best to stick to the plan exactly!
  • More action, less lists-- Something I've just started implementing is this: If it takes less than 10 minutes to do it, then just do it then. Don't add it to a list, don't say I'll get to it whenever. JUST DO IT. I'm going to try and be more intentional with my time, but that means I need to stop worrying about the small things, and just get them out of the way.

And that's it!! Basically, the theme of 2018 is going to be "better time management". It's something I know I need to work on, and I think I finally have the why behind these goals to help me implement them!!

I'd love to hear about your goals for 2018!! What's something you'll be focusing on??

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