How to Become a Morning Person and Boost Your Productivity

How to Become a Morning Person and Boost Your Productivity

If you know me at all, you know I'm an early riser. Like reallllyyy early. Like 4:30 AM during the week early. Crazy, I know. And I actually get a lot of questions from people asking me how I possibly get up that early to get shit done!! Well, after years of practice, and many many snooze buttons, I've now got the system pretty down pat. Let's dive in.

Define the WHY

"The issue on the table is" you want to wake up earlier! You either want to use that time to workout, build a business, or just get your mind in the right space before flying off to work and losing the rest of your day to email, meetings, and everyone needing to talk to you. BUT (there's always that BUT in there... stopping us from getting what we want...) you can't seem to get your butt up in the morning!! You either snooze 500 times until you're running late, OR you get up hella early, but end up wasting your morning watching IG stories from the night before (so guilty of this from before I had a routine).

As with anything else, the first step is deciding WHY you want to get up earlier. Are you....

  • tired after work and just want to veg out, but have a lot to get done in your life?
  • never sure what time you'll be able to leave work thanks to the unpredictability of your office?
  • a social butterfly who always has events lined up in the evening?
  • stuck doing 50 chores after work and just want some time to feel like you can do something that's not cleaning and cooking dinner?
  • hear that all those CEOs wake up early to crush their day and want to see what it's all about?
  • want more energy throughout your day and have heard that this can help?
  • wanting less stress in your day and not feel like a chicken with its head cut off?

No matter your reason, you've got to get serious about wanting to commit to this new routine, so let's jump in! How do you actually get your ass out of bed and moving towards those goals??


Boost your energy and productivity with an awesome morning routine!



First things first-- come up with a gameplan. The day before at least, NOT the morning of! Know what your plan is so that when your brain is still asleep, you can function on autopilot. This may take a little tweaking to find the perfect system, but I promise, it's worth it! For me, I start each morning by changing directly into my workout clothes. I've laid them out the night before, and the movement wakes up my mind and body. From there, it's meditation, journaling, preworkout drink, and then I'm getting sweating!! This is an easy to follow template each day for me, and keeps me from having to think too much that early in the morning. And once that becomes a routine, it's easy to keep on track.

Speaking of my morning workout- that might not be the best use of your morning, but you've got to give it a try!! Some people find they need to eat before they workout, or they just can't get their body moving that early in the morning. I do eat before AND have a preworkout (which is my caffeine for the day), but if you want to hustle and sip on a cup of coffee instead, that's totally fine too! Find what works for you. I don't like writing/coaching that early in the morning because my brain is pretty dead, but I love working out first thing because it gives me all the energy I need for the day, and I love knowing that I've taken care of myself first. I stream all my workouts online and either do them in my apartment or in my apartment gym so that I'm using my time wisely and not dragging myself to a class or gym in the cold.

Find what works for you, and then commit to doing it every day of the week. I find it's HARDER for me to get up early if my wake up time is all over the place. There's obviously exceptions to this rule, so if I'm out late one night I might sleep in. But most weeks, I'm getting up this early Monday through Friday. If you're someone who trusts science more than experience (no shade, I'm totally that person too), then here's an article talking about how we sleep in cycles, and getting those cycles aligned helps improve a lot of things in our lives!!

Do you know what actually happens when you hit the snooze button? Well, not only do you not get up and work towards your goals, it's actually scientifically proven that you'll be more tired!! What? Seriously?? Yup!! Because you sleep in 90 minute cycles, that 10 extra minutes is actually waking your body up part-way through the cycle, thus ensuring that you'll actually be more tired. And that feeling can last for 4 hours after you get up!! (Again, here's the science to go with it!) The 5 Second Rule talks all about it, and if getting up in the morning is keeping you from your goals, you've totally got to listen to this book! I found that once I knew this piece of info, I found it soooo much easier to get out of bed, because I didn't want to screw up my whole morning!

If you're trying all this and still not seeing results, find a way to hold yourself accountable!! I am currently on a video call with some other boss babes in the morning to keep us accountable and showing up, but you don't even have to do that much. Find a friend who is an early riser, or looking to change their schedule too, and get on a text chain!! Make yourselves text each other when you're up, or be forced to send a photo of you up and making your coffee if you want to ensure your girlfriend isn't just texting you to then fall back asleep. We easily give up on ourselves, it's much harder to give up on others!

If you're ready to commit to a morning routine, check out my Daily Action Plan! It helps you take ALL your to-do items and fit them into your day to help you create a system that works! This is what I did when trying to decide what items I should work on in the morning, and what to save for later!

Last bit of advice, remember to give yourself grace!! As you're starting this new system, your body might be more tired in those first few days, that's a hurdle you've just got to cross!! As you continue it, your body will fall asleep faster, and get up easier. The starting is the hardest part!! Once you make it a habit, it gets much easier!

What's your morning routine like?? Share it below!! 

How to Become a Morning Person & Boost your Productivity
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